Woman charged with buying gun used to shoot cop

Posted at 3:13 PM, May 11, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-11 19:12:40-04

MILWAUKEE -- We now know the gun used to shoot a Milwaukee police officer was bought in what's known as a straw purchase.

The Milwaukee County district attorney has charged LaTonya James with furnishing a firearm to a felon. The 30-year-old bought two guns that were used in a robbery near 73rd and Mill that ended with an officer being shot, according to a criminal complaint.

James admitted to police she bought the guns for her boyfriend, convicted felon Burt Johnson. Johnson was killed by police after he shot a 38-year-old officer who responded to a robbery.

Court records previously revealed James may have purchased the gun, but Wednesday's criminal complaint means the charges are now official.

Johnson's suspected partner, Gregory Rounds, was charged with murder Wednesday for Johnson's death.

Rounds, 20, is accused of being an accomplice in the attempted armed robbery of O'Reilly's Auto Parts. Court records show his cousin, Burt Johnson asked him rob the store with him near 76th Street and Mill Road.

Rounds says they took off when they saw police outside. Now he's charged with felony murder for the death of his cousin's death and faces 55 years in prison.