Group vows to take action against crime in neighborhood

Neighbors plan to be eyes, ears for police
Posted at 11:30 AM, Jun 18, 2016
MILWAUKEE -- A group of crime fighting neighbors took over the intersection at 76th and Capitol on Friday. They strategically positioned themselves on all four corners and the median so they couldn't be missed. 
"We've had enough, this is our neighborhood, not theres. It's time for them to leave," John Jeffery said.
He's talking about criminals, from speeders to drug dealers.  
The group who simply calls themselves "neighbors" vow to take pictures, cell phone video and surveillance video of crime in action and hand it over to police.
Yadita Melendec-Hagerdron said that's something she's already done and it's helped.
"The last three years have been insane about the amount of drug dealing right out my door, out my window and out my backyard," she said.
Melendec-Hagerdron made a point to show up with her 10-year-old by her side.
"It is important because they need to be aware. They need to be aware of their surroundings about what's going on. We all need to be together in this," she said.
These neighbors plan to be the eyes and ears for police. 
"Not the fault of the police department, but we have just been seeing as I said earlier a general degrading of respect," explained Mitch Haycock.
Alderman Jim Bohl said the group might be on to something. 
"I think that it's really important that the community shows that they have these concerns and that they're willing to stand up for the quality of life and curbing crime, curbing speeding, curbing some of the other things that they see as problems in their neighborhoods," he said.