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Greenfield restaurant considering cryptocurrency as form of payment

Posted at 8:11 AM, Nov 25, 2021

GREENFIELD -- — Family-owned Italian restaurant, That's Amore in Greenfield prides itself on putting customers first. So when guests started asking about more contact-less payment options, cryptocurrency came to mind.

"It's an option we're willing to explore and see what people would be interested in," said Justin Marcelini, General Manager of the restaurant.

Marcelini says the restaurant put out a Facebook poll to test the waters.

"From what we noticed it was about 40 percent of people that were positive about the experience, 40 percent did not want anything to do with it, and then 20 percent were not exactly sure what cryptocurrency is," he said.

"I can only speak for myself. I come from a generation of old school and at this point in my life, I'm not sure I'm ready for Bitcoin," said Debbie Sum, a That's Amore customer.

While not everyone would want to try it, if the restaurant does decide to accept digital currency, it would still allow guests to use cash, credit cards, check, and Paypal which the restaurant accepts online.

"It's just that the technology itself is very technical. It's sometimes very intimidating to learn what's going on," said Jack Ji, a Wisconsin attorney handling financial regulation, compliance, and licensing matters related to cryptocurrency.

Ji still thinks more small businesses are going to try using cryptocurrency. He says some of the virtual currencies appear to protect against inflation. He explains unlike paper money, Bitcoin's value has increased while we've seen inflation rise.

He adds, small businesses trying to avoid higher credit card transaction fees, can save money using cryptocurrency.

"Their transactions fees are extremely low," Ji said. "It gives more control to the consumers, to the customers, and the small business."

Ji admitted there are risks with using cryptocurrency, but says there are risks associated with many other types of payment transactions.

That's Amore still wants to research more before venturing into this virtual payment system.

"As long as it is quick and easy, that's probably the direction we would go," Marcelini said.

The restaurant says its clientele has a big say in the decision. A couple of years ago they listened to feedback about getting a drive-through window and that's been a huge success. Time will tell if a virtual payment system will have the same outcome.

"I really think cryptocurrency is going to be the wave of the future," Marcelini said.

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