Greenfield police warn teens about ‘sextortion'

Educating teens about sharing photos online
Posted at 5:07 PM, Feb 08, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-08 18:55:09-05

Greenfield Police are warning people about extortion involving sex and the internet, and they are calling it "sextortion."

Greenfield Police Detective Doug Tweedie just wants parents to educate their teens about being safe online. He says with popularity in social media, more kids have been sending risqué photos and that's not good.

"Social media can be dangerous for anybody, as soon as you hit send. You have no control, over where that photograph goes, there is no privacy," Tweedie said.

Bianca Williams of A Cry For Help Foundation agrees, and says it's a responsibility to keep kids safe.

"Parents, we have to make sure we take the phones just out the blue sometimes to check for nude pictures, check for text messages, even check emails because a lot of times that's what kids are going through, emails text messages and sending pictures to other people," said Williams.

"Just because it's Valentine's Day there might be some kids who are bummed out because they don’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend because it's Valentine's Day, they might be a little bit more sensitive and be a little bit more susceptible to be caught in a situation like this," said Tweedie.

No matter how embarrassing this may be, police do say if you fall victim to "sextortion" you need to contact them.

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