Greenfield police offer vacation home checks program

Posted at 8:57 AM, Feb 14, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-14 16:27:32-05
Spring break season is approaching. 
According to police in Greenfield, the majority of home burglaries happen when houses are empty. 
"Most happen during the daytime hours, whether the residents are at work or out of town on vacation," said Sgt. James Pizur. 
He said criminals tend to target empty houses. 
"A lot of times, they'll go knock on the door and if nobody answers they'll head around back," Pizur said. "That's how they pick their victims." 
That's why Greenfield Police are encouraging vacationers to work with them to prevent break-ins. 
Greenfield residents leaving town for vacation, or even a long weekend, can call the police department's Records Department at (414) 761-5330 to let officers know when they'll be departing and returning. 
While homeowners are gone, officers will perform daily checks on their residence. They'll walk the perimeter, and make sure all doors and windows are secure, Pizur said. 
He added there's no cost or time limit to the program. 
Pizur said Greenfield police hopes a visible police presence around homes that may be temporarily empty will deter potential burglars. 
"Not only does it give a sense of security to the homeowners themselves, but it allows us to make sure we're doing something proactive," Pizur said. "So we're not just reacting to the crimes that do occur." 
It's also wise to avoid posting statuses or photos on social media indicating you're gone, Pizur said. 
He said residents in other municipalities should check with their local police departments to see if they offer any type of home watch program. 
If not, ask a trusted neighbor, friend or relative to keep an eye on your home and prevent any mail from piling up, Pizur said. 

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