Greenfield church gets in on Pokemon Go craze

Posted at 10:26 AM, Jul 15, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-15 11:46:09-04

GREENFIELD -- With more than 7.5 million daily users, the Pokemon Go app is a bona fide phenomenon. A Greenfield church is turning the craze into an opportunity, and it's capturing the attention of the faithful.

Pokemon devotee Taylor Horvat admits he was originally perplexed by the Pokemon Go obsession.

"Me and my dad thought it was kind of stupid at first, and we went in the house and my dad was like 'should we download it?' That's how we got hooked on it."

Perhaps it was divine intervention when leaders of The Ridge Community Church, at Highway 100 and Layton, decided the game might be good for the bible business.

Jodi Tonarelli, PR Director, of The Ridge Community Church says, "We're just really excited, through no fault of our own, the creators of Pokemon Go made us a Pokestop within the game. We decided since people were coming in our parking lot anyway, we would try to take it as an opportunity to show them really good hospitality." 

During the Thursday night "happy hour" and service, players got a free Pokemon collectible.

Many praise the exercise they get from playing the game. Ridge Community Church member Jon Colas explains, "If you grew up in the nineties you know what Pokemon is all about. It's good exercise. I'm at work and taking a break just to go catch a Pokemon. It's pretty cool."

And others are enamored with the fun of the game and the message of the Lord. Kylie Fischer and Nicole Robbins shared, "We're here to catch some Pokemon and learn some scripture." They both laugh.

Get more information on The Ridge Community Church's website here.