Greendale and Pewaukee come together to raise money for Houston

Posted at 9:07 PM, Sep 01, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-01 23:11:51-04

As Greendale High School's football team took on Houston Texan J.J. Watt's alma mater, Pewaukee High School, the two decided to turn the night into a giant fundraiser.

All the proceeds from the game went going to the Hurricane Harvey relief effort.

The coaches and fans bought up T-shirts that have the outline of Wisconsin and Texas and read, "Together we can help rebuild." A hundred percent of the money goes to the J.J. Watt's hurricane relief fund.

Watt's relief fund is currently at $15 million, with a goal of $20 million. It started earlier in the weekwith just $100,000 of Watt's own money, and he asked fans to match it. 

As two rivals battled it out on the field, the teams are hoping the people in the stands come together in giving.

"Between Greendale High School playing Pewaukee High School and J.J. Watt's efforts that all of our funds are going to be going towards J.J. Watt's foundation," said Jerad Galante, athletic director for Greendale High School.

J.J. Watt's played football for Pewaukee High. The current players spent the day before Friday's game helping with the Watt's donation supply drive.

"Our son is a senior here at Pewaukee, he was loading yesterday morning. The football players were loading the trucks," said Kristin Kowalke who's son goes to Pewaukee High School.

As those trucks head to Houston, Greendale wanted to give as well by collecting money.

"I gave a shout out at work for anyone who wanted to send cash with me so I will be donating that on behalf of everyone at work," said Amy Oyen who's daughter goes to Greendale High School.

The students and volunteers spent the game working the crowd, collecting money.  People bought up the t-shirts and gave more than $11,000 at the game wanting to do their part for Houston and those caught in the devastation.

"Just give back when you can and pay if forward and hopefully if you are ever in a situation people reach back to you," Oyen said.

"This will hopefully help out everybody,"  Kowalke said.

The school ordered 300 shirts and they sold out. But you can get them online here.