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Green Bay Packers' LeRoy Butler heads to Canton to be inducted into 2022 Pro Football Hall of Fame

TMJ4 News asked the Packers safety who he will immediately think of as he steps onto the podium.
Posted at 6:46 PM, Aug 03, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-03 22:38:01-04

LeRoy Butler is on his way to Canton and the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Just before he left, TMJ4 News asked the Packers safety who he will immediately think of as he steps onto the podium on Saturday morning.

Butler will lead off at the Hall of Fame ceremony following the first induction speech shortly after 11 a.m.

TMJ4's Lance Allan asks, " How proud are you that you've got a teammate in Gilbert, and a teammate in life in Genesis, that are inducting you into the Hall of Fame?"

"Well it's very important to me to represent my teammates and my wife, and represent all of my family," Butler says. "My mom is the first person in my mind, because I remember me and her having this conversation to be ready and things of that nature. I worked on my speech in 2009 (and) 2010 so I'm well prepared. Gilbert Brown, really, I hope people know this, but he was my locker mate for eight years. The guy always had the best cologne. He had the best of everything."

Allan asks, "He was a smooth guy for a big guy, wasn't he?"

"He was, he was great. He's a great listener because I talk too much," Butler says. "But he was a great listener and I thought about it. And that's the one guy I can pick to do it so that the other guys wouldn't get jealous. So, and I think my wife, Genesis, they said only six or seven wives out of all since the Hall has been doing it has ever presented her husband. When I thought about that, I said she'd be perfect because she's so smart and she's very, she's very charismatic and she knows everything about me because she had to kind of learn LeRoy Butler because we met after I was done playing. She had to kind of learn all this stuff, and that's what makes me so happy for her. She's got so many outfits, Lance. I was like, wait a minute. How many suitcases are you bringing? She's got an outfit for everything. Her and my six daughters. Me and my son? One bag, okay, and it's combined!"

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