Great grandson of Harley-Davidson co-founder on riders customizing their bikes

Posted at 12:15 PM, May 28, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-29 12:29:09-04

Memorial Day weekend is traditionally a big one for Harley-Davidson riders as they get their bikes out on the road.

No doubt, Bill Davidson will be out there with them.

Our Vince Vitrano sat down with the Great Grandson of co-founder William A. Davidson for an exclusive interview. Bill talked about riders making bikes their own, sometimes a little too much their own:

BILL: My dad Willie, always in his design of our motorcycles, he expressed his artistic talents and designed beautiful bikes, and he always said they're beautiful, but this is still a canvas for people to add their paint and color and customize their own bikes.

VINCE: Do you ever see one you hate, and you're like, oh my gosh... what did they do to my bike!

BILL: I'll be honest. Yes.

VINCE: Do you ever tell them? This is a clown show over here. What are you doing?

BILL: So, I have a collection of motorcycles... and I'm very particular about my bikes. I like them clean and pristine. So when I see a bike that's like a rat bike, that somebody has let go but wants that look, I appreciate that, but it's hard for me personally to see. You gotta wax it! You gotta