Grandmother speaks out about baby's death

Posted at 12:03 AM, Nov 28, 2015
and last updated 2015-11-28 01:03:51-05

A Milwaukee grandmother is speaking out about the night her granddaughter died, a death that police are investigating for any possibility of foul play. 

Esperanza Gonzalez says she came to pick up her daughter and grandchild at the duplex near 46th and Lloyd Wednesday night.

“All we know, they were sleeping upstairs and my daughter came down with the baby,” said Gonzalez.

But when the infant was brought outside it was clear to the grandmother and other family members something wasn't right. Gonzalez said the girl was blue and not breathing. She explained everyone including the parents were hysterical.

Gonzalez said her 26-year-old daughter and the child's 20-year-old father did not realize the 2-month-old child wasn't breathing.

“They were all three in the bed together. It could have been anything,” she explained.

Milwaukee Police want to know why the parents didn't realize the baby was lifeless. By the time investigators arrived to the scene to interview the parents they said red flags instantly popped up.

“I can tell you both parents were very intoxicated. They are currently in our custody on unrelated charges as we continue to investigate this,” Deputy Inspector Stephen Basting said Wednesday.

TODAY’S TMJ4 asked Gonzalez if her daughter appeared intoxicated when she came to pick her up on Wednesday.

“Like I said, she was delirious and she was so lost and emotional about the baby. I can't say she was intoxicated or not,” Gonzalez said, also adding that the parents loved and cared for their child.

Now investigators must determine if this was an accidental death or neglect by the parents. An autopsy is scheduled which may shed some light on how the baby died. I

The parents remain in jail on probation violations, according to police.