Gov. Scott Walker urges NFL players to stop anthem protests

Governor posts online petition
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Posted at 5:26 PM, Oct 24, 2017
Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker wrote a letter to the NFL Tuesday asking players to stop protesting the national anthem and to take a stand against domestic violence. It was followed by an online petition and a digital ad campaign launched by Friends of Scott Walker.
In the letter, Walker says the protests have become "a divisive political sideshow."
“Instead, I encourage them to use their voices and influence to take a stand against domestic violence,” Walker said. 
Walker addressed the controversy last month at an event in Green Bay, saying he will continue to stand and show respect for the flag with his hand placed over his heart, but would not begrudge others who choose not to.
Colin Kaepernick, a former quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers, was the first to protest during the national anthem last season to protest social issues for minorities.
Many other players chose to protest the anthem after President Donald Trump said that team owners should fire any player who does so.
The NFL recently decided that they will not mandate that players stand for the anthem, and a spokesperson told that the league is working to bring people together. 
Late last month, several Green Bay Packers players chose to protest by locking arms in unity.The players released a statement saying it's a representation of "freedom, equality, tolerance, understanding, and justice for those who have been unjustly treated, discriminated against or otherwise treated unfairly."