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Glendale's Lincoln Golf Course opens Tuesday due to warm weather

Posted at 8:18 AM, Feb 27, 2018

GLENDALE -- The calendar hasn't changed from February and Milwaukee County's first golf course opened today. 

Lincoln Park Golf Course was open for tee times Tuesday morning for the first time in 2018. Because of the warmer than normal temperatures, they were ready to get underway. 

"It's the weather," Jon Canavan, Golf & Recreational Turf Manager for Milwaukee County said. "We've lost the snow cover at Lincoln. People have been asking for a few weeks when we think the course will open and today's the day."

Canavan says Lincoln Park typically opens first. Because of its sandy soil, it drains better than the other courses around the area. During spring, they'll run a discounted rate for a round of 9 too. It's just $11 for nine holes and an additional $6 to replay the same day. 

Scores will remain low because the course is in early season form, but it's less about performance and more about trading cabin fever for spring fever with the warmer temperatures for golfers. 

"I feel great," Norris Stewart, a local golfer said. "I got on a thin layer and I think that's probably all I'm going to need for today. The score will take care of itself. Just getting out here and hitting the ball, getting a good walk in, that's more important to me."

"The balls are going to hit the green and probably, just like the concrete, going to bounce off and roll to the back," Ted Zehelein of Pewaukee said. "That's ok with us. We're going to play."

Ted and Bob Detzer were the first duo on the course for the day, getting their first of many swings for the season.

"My first drive was good," Zehelein said. "It was down the right side a bit, but I'll take it."

Milwaukee County says they'll open more courses as it gets warmer. For the latest information on which courses are open, click here.