Glendale Police K9 Boomer retires after 9 years of service

Posted at 7:14 PM, Jun 08, 2018

Friday was the last day on the job for Glendale Police K9 Boomer.  

"By K9 standards he had a very successful career and it's going to be sad to see him go," said Officer Eric Guse, K9 Handler.

Officer Eric Guse and Boomer had a unique partnership, something his handler will miss.

"It sounds weird, but I talk to him and just knowing that he's there and watching my back," said Officer Guse.

The duo has worked and lived together for nine years.

"He comes home with me, he stays with me, he knows that once the uniform goes on it's time to go to work," said Guse.

Officer Guse said Boomer has had many great moments, but one call last year stands out.   

"We had a carjacking at Bayshore and he carjacked a woman with several kids in the car and he took off," said Guse.

Boomer later found the suspects sweatshirt, the DNA was tested and now he is going to prison.

After a long a successful run, Guse knew it was time for Boomer to turn in his vest.

"It was something I'd never thought I'd see... They always say when the dog gets up and kind of looks at you like I do not want to jump in that car and go to work today then you know it's time to retire them," said Guse. 

Guse said 11-year-old Boomer doesn't have a go get em attitude anymore and also has some health issues.  

Boomer's last day ended with a party, complete with cake.  Friday was a bittersweet ending to a job well done.

"It's going to be sad to see him go, but it's time for him to start enjoying some regular life," said Guse.

Boomer will live with Officer Guse and his family.  A new K9 Officer starts in Glendale in the fall.