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Glendale mayor warns of fake city citation regarding political signs

Arlene Speas, Earl Speas
Posted at 6:58 AM, Sep 30, 2020

GLENDALE — If you've seen a city citation slip stuck to your yard sign, Glendale Mayor Bryan Kennedy says it's fake.

Kennedy says residents have reported receiving a city citation attached to political yard signs. Kennedy says they were not issued by the city.

"Political signs are regulated by state statutes. The City of Glendale has no authority to limit political yard sign quantity. They are protected speech under the First Amendment. You will see homes with many flags and signs," said Kennedy in a Facebook post. "The only limitation that the city can impose is that the signs cannot be in the medians or rights-of-way and cannot obstruct the view of drivers."

The "citation" reads that a house may not have more than two signs at any single time.

Kennedy said Glendale did recently adopt a two sign maximum for message signs, not related to a political candidate or party. These signs would include graduation signs, Black Lives Matter signs, Back the Badge signs and more.

Read the full update here.

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