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Glen Hills Middle School students send experiments to space

Posted at 7:02 AM, May 24, 2023
and last updated 2023-05-26 07:52:18-04

It's an out-of-this-world experience. A teacher from Glen Hills Middle School will fly on a NASA Zero Gravity Flight in August. On Wednesday, May 23rd some students will leave to speak at the International Space Conference in Houston Texas.

In a world where attention spans leave faster than a space rocket, students at Glen Hills Middle School are captivated by their science teacher Lalitha Murali.

Student Anaiya Deacon exclaims, "It's an honor to have her as a teacher. She just elevates me on all different levels."

Lalitha Murali is an award-winning Science teacher. She shows experiments her students designed that will launch aboard a Nasa Space Flight this summer. Murali will take them aboard a zero-gravity flight in August.

"This is one of the experiments that's going to help future astronauts in space," explains Murali. Three students leave Wednesday to present their experiments at the International Space Conference in Houston, Texas.

Student Nola Quinn shares, "She's exposed me to so many different opportunities. How many students can say their teacher is going into parabolic flight? It's really cool to experience so many different career paths and what the future might look like. I would have never gotten to do this without her!"

Student excitement is as high as the atmosphere.

Student Elana Johansen shares, "Every day you come here you get to do a completely different thing. I did not see this coming in any way. You'll come in and she surprises you with this, and it's just like wow!"

Jamison Di' Frances praises Murali's teaching skills.

"The way she teaches is very interactive. You're not just sitting there listening to a lecture. You're actually doing things."

Murali loves to see the spark in her students' eyes. "Look at the enthusiasm in the kids. Sixth, seventh, and eighth graders. Oh my God, I am doing an experiment for space zero gravity. What a cool experience."

Watching Mrs. Murali is like witnessing passion in action. She describes her mission to expand educational experiences for all students.

"I need to start somewhere. I know I can start in my classroom, in my school, and show the world it's possible. If every educator brings in opportunities like this, we can close the achievement gap!"

Lalitha Murali heads up gifted and talented classes but encourages students of all abilities.

"We talk about the achievement gap. I think what we have is an opportunity gap!"

The popular instructor has won dozens of awards including Teacher of the Year.

She seeks out grants and free programs that enhance learning and exposes students to a host of scientific experts. She's so innovative the district does not have to pay for the student experiences.

With her lesson plans, Murali launches lives.

She notes, "I bring in the resources and these kids are taking it to the next level. That's what makes me a proud teacher, a happy teacher."

As a first-generation immigrant, her goals are high, but her wisdom is down to earth.

"Dream big. Every dream can be accomplished."

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