Glass shards found in Greenfield grocery store brats

Posted: 6:49 PM, Aug 25, 2017
Updated: 2017-08-26 13:09:36Z

A Greenfield grocery store has recalled chicken sausages after a man claimed he found several shards of glass inside the brats.

Gary and Pat Nagel said they purchased chicken brats Thursday from Fresh Thyme Farmer’s Market in Greenfield. The Nagels said they made this discovery while grilling Friday afternoon.

"When I bit into the very first brat there was glass inside," Gary said.

Gary said he immediately spat out a square-shaped shard of glass, roughly a quarter inch in size.

"Obviously I'm not a happy camper,” he said. “No one likes eating glass."

The couple said they bought a pack of chorizo chicken brats and another of chipotle jalapeño chicken brats. Nagel said he cooked them all at once Friday. A TODAY’S TMJ4 news crew asked the couple to examine more brats for glass shards while they were there.

"There it is right there, there's the third piece right there," Gary said.

Within a few minutes, the Nagels found three shards of glass in four brats. They were under the casing in both flavors the Nagels bought.

"This is in the ‘not good’ category," Gary said.

Gary said he immediately called the Greenfield store and was told the brats were processed on site.

The Greenfield store director sent TODAY’S TMJ4 the following statement:

"After the store was made aware of this issue, we immediately pulled all chicken sausages from the shelves. Customers who purchased chicken sausages dated between August 23 and August 25 are advised to discard the product and return to the store for a full refund. We're continuing to look into the issue and will provide additional updates when available." – Carol Doherty, store director, Fresh Thyme Farmer’s Market.

Gary said they brought their receipt to this store and got a full refund. Since this story aired, another couple contacted TODAY’S TMJ4 after finding glass shards in chicken sausages recently purchased from the same store.