Germantown gold medalist returns to hero's welcome

Posted at 9:57 PM, Sep 20, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-20 23:17:26-04

GERMANTOWN -- Cheering neighbors and streets lined with American flags welcomed home Becca Murray. The Germantown resident returned home from Rio and the Paralympic Games a gold medal winner. It was the second time Murray has brought home top honors for Team USA women's wheelchair basketball.

Tuesday evening, Murray drove into her neighborhood with a police and fire escort. They drove her through the streets in a convertable as friends, family and strangers cheered her return.

"It's amazing, all the support and all the people that have watched me and the chalk decorations, everything," said Murray.

Neighbors started decorating their driveways earlier in the day. People made signs, hung streamers and put out American flags.

"We just want to show how happy we are for her and we are just happy hat she is home and that she has done so well," said Marissa Dreger, a senior at Germantown High School who decorated with her neighbor.

Others who have never even met Murray came out to show their support and give their kids a chance to meet a gold medal winner.

"We decided it was a once in a lifetime opportunity for us to see an Olympian. We are right from Germantown and we just followed the Olympics very close and it was very exciting," said Dana Hausmann, who brought out her two young sons.

Murray's mom could not be any more excited or proud. She has been her daughter's training partner for months, working out in the gym and shooting hoops four days a week. Becca Murray ended up the leading scorer for Team USA. Now, she is home to a hero's welcome.

"It really touched my heart because that has been a goal of mine since she's been little to get people to realize that these kids, adults are really true athletes," said Linda Murray, Becca's mother.

A sentiment the community of Germantown clearly embraces.

"The support is overwhelming and it's awesome," said Murray.

This is Becca Murray's second gold medal for Team USA wheelchair basketball. Murray was on the team in 2008 when they also took home gold. She played in 2012, but the team did not medal. Murray is not sure if she will try out for the next Olympics. She says she is looking forward to sleeping in and taking a break from all the training.