Germantown firefighters help deliver baby at McDonald's early Tuesday morning

Posted at 9:24 AM, Feb 28, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-01 07:02:31-05

A woman left a Germantown McDonald's with something not on the menu - an emergency delivery of a baby boy.

Waukesha County 911 dispatch tapes share the father’s frantic moments around 2:45 Tuesday morning that led up to baby Damien’s safe birth.

The couple was rushing from Hartford to the hospital for labor, but their baby boy decided he was ready to come out just minutes before they got there. The father said he pulled off the busy roads to the closest place he could find, a McDonald’s on County Line Rd.

A Good Samaritan helped with the 911 call, as the couple was a little preoccupied.

"It sounds like she's probably having the baby now,” he said.

Officers were sent right to the scene but before they made it, the new dad took over the 911 call.

"We just had the baby here,” he said. “The baby was born?” asked the dispatcher. “Yeah, the baby is breathing," the dad responded.

Upon arrival, Germantown firefighters assisted with the delivery and care of the mother and newborn child.

"He wrapped the baby up in a blanket; clamped the cord, allowed the father to cut the cord,” said Germantown Fire Chief Gary Weiss. “Let the mother hold the child, the child was doing fantastic."

The mother and new baby boy were then taken by ambulance to Community Memorial Hospital. This was the first emergency delivery for Captain Asmondy. Weiss says it was a unique situation for his crew members.

"If something happens beforehand, that's why the fire department is here,” he said.

The Germantown Fire Department says both mom and baby are doing well.

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