Gas prices spike for holiday weekend

Posted at 4:22 PM, May 25, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-26 03:45:28-04

As gas prices skyrocket, paying at the pump could get a little painful this holiday weekend.

This weekend a record number of people are expected to hit the road. In fact, AAA predicts about 42,000,000 will be packing up the car and on the move for Memorial Day.

"[You] gotta use your car," Vaness said as she pumped gas. "If it ran on water, no problem.”

But for some people, those rising gas prices have become a bit of a problem especially since last year this time, gas was about $2.37 cents a gallon.

"I wish the prices were just a little bit lower," Johnathan said.

Johnathan and his pooch are heading to spend Eagle, Wisconsin for a little holiday fun. He said these are the highest gas prices he's seen in a while and over the weekend he plans to dish out a lot of dough because of it.

"I drive this big truck and the boats not easy on gas either," he said.

Experts say paying more than three bucks a gallon for gas will soon be the new normal this summer.

Part of the reason is under the EPA's Clean Air Act, refineries are required to produce a summer blend of gasoline between June and September.
It's cleaner burning but costs more to produce and that's impacting travel, but some people say these prices are nothing compared to what they've seen in the past.
"Back in college, going home [I would pay] $100 dollars on the weekend," Nigel O'Neal said. "Just to drive 90 miles there and back in a full sized truck."