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Gas prices spike by 30 cents in Milwaukee

Posted at 10:15 PM, Nov 01, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-01 23:15:29-04

A gas price surge at the pump is going to hit drivers in Milwaukee drivers in the wallet.

Tuesday, gas was around $2.44. But on Wednesday, signs for gas at $2.79 were spotted all over the city.

"I knew it went up 20 cents here but I don't know why," said Heather Hall in Racine as she filled up.

According to AAA, suppliers dropped their inventory once the traditional summer driving season ended. But more people than expected hit the road well into fall. 

For part-time Uber driver Jason McClelland, the $2.79 a gallon price tag means less work.

"The way it's set up we really don't benefit from a lot of drives when the gas prices are that high. We only make a percentage," said McClelland.

He usually works Thursday through Saturday and keeps his app on when he drives. McClelland said he likely won't work this weekend.  

"If its an $8 ride and you are only getting a percentage and you are just covering your gas, the passenger just rode basically for free unless they tip you," said McClelland.

While McClelland has the choice not to drive, Jeff Midday has one long commute he can't do anything about.

"I work in Chicago so I drive back and forth every day," said Midday.

That is 500 miles a week, or about $50 every other day to fill up. 

"It costs me a lot of money to drive," said Midday.

And now even more.