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Gas prices on the decline ahead of Thanksgiving holiday weekend

Posted at 6:25 PM, Nov 19, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-19 23:06:16-05

Drivers in Southeast Wisconsin headed out the door for the holiday weekend, fill up on cheap gas.

GasBuddy and AAA say prices are cheaper than last year by more than 10 cents with the average price for gas hovering around $2.40 per gallon. 

Some gas stations in Milwaukee have unleaded priced as cheap as $2.29 per gallon. Drivers Stephanie Kriel and Salah Hamden say they are traveling this holiday season and really aren't impressed by the price drop. 

"I remember gas prices were 19 cents a gallon, a while ago, since 1972," said Hamden. 

Both GasBuddy and AAA data find while prices are cheaper, overall they are still the highest they've been in four years. But drivers like Johine Smith, who do plan on doing some travel this weekend are happier with the change. 

"Hey, score one for Milwaukee," said Smith. "I've noticed that gas prices are low, especially around the holiday time-travel time. So I wish I could be out here headed somewhere, where I think it's warmer." 

AAA's Director of Public Affairs Nick Jarmusz says travelers are hitting the roads for turkey day, so expect backups and delays.  

"We saw record-breaking travel numbers for Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day weekend. We're looking at the same thing for Thanksgiving weekend," said Jarmusz. 

Nationwide AAA says more than 49 million Americans are hitting the road for Thanksgiving weekend.