Freeway shooting, homicide, and carjacking linked to same men

Gang members arrested
Posted at 6:33 PM, Jun 30, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-01 07:58:59-04

MILWAUKEE - A freeway shooting, a homicide, and a carjacking. The trail of clues on all three led back to the same three Milwaukee men. They're behind bars now, and charged in a series of crimes.

Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm spoke exclusively with TODAY'S TMJ4 Thursday to thank law enforcement for a job well done in getting these dangerous guys off the streets.

Corey Campbell, Lance Lewis, and Martez Maclin-Dyson are all in custody.

“But what’s equally encouraging about it is the incredible amount of work that was done by the Milwaukee Police Department’s homicide unit, and by the prosecutors’ in our homicide unit that really pieced this all together," said Chisholm.

As investigators began looking at shootings dating back to July of last year, they noticed a common thread. Forensics connected a few through shell casings left at the scene, and witnesses were all spotting a black Infiniti.

A black Infiniti was also seen in the December freeway shooting, it's a day few in Walker Square can forget.

“That’s when I see the sheriff’s right there and I was like, uh oh, something’s not right," said Cruz Luciano, neighbor.

Cruz Luciano lives near 10th and Walker with his daughters.

“Well, it was a concern. It was a concern because we’ve got a lot of kids around here," said Luciano.

Police and prosecutors have connected Campbell, Lewis, and Maclin-Dyson to the following.

  • Shots fired in July on the same block where one of the suspect's grandmother lives. 
  • In November, a black Infiniti was stolen at gunpoint.
  • Also in November there were four shootings they're connected to.
  • Then there's the freeway shooting in December.

“The acts that they are engaged in put the community at a great deal of risk," said Chisholm.

Just two blocks from where that freeway shooting ended, children were playing outside today, and adults were feeling a little more at ease, knowing these guys are behind bars. 

“Nowadays, every time you turn on the news there’s some kind of shooting. It’s terrible, but I think the police are doing a good job," said Aida Suarez, neighbor.