Franklin special needs students crowned Homecoming King, Queen

Posted at 10:25 PM, Oct 07, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-07 23:25:59-04
FRANKLIN -- Franklin High School seniors rallied behind the students they thought were most deserving to represent their class. They nominated two kids with special needs to be this year's king and queen. 
"Our winners of the 2016 homecoming court your king and queen Matt Cotteleer and Danielle Villarreal," a voice echoed on a loudspeaker.
The loud cheers coming from the student section confirmed the students choice for king and queen was pretty much unanimous.  
"It feels good," Villarreal said.
"She deserves this opportunity to be queen because just like anyone else she has so many friends. She has more friends than like anyone that I know," said student Hattie Harmeyer.
"It was a big project to get them on court, but it was just as surprising to me as everyone else," said student Devin Grube.
This wasn't only a fun day for Cotteleer and Villarreal, it was special for their families. 
"Incredible, incredible. You just want your child to fit in and they go above and beyond to include him with everything even though they know he's going to struggle and fight it and not enjoy the moment, but he knows deep down that these kids love him and he adores them," said Angela Cotteleer, Matt's mother.
"It's hard enough. It's hard, so it's just awesome that the kids embraced her like this. We're just really happy," said Kathy Villarreal, Danielle's mother.