Franklin Police chief blames Milwaukee County's penal system for suburban crime

"The criminal justice system must do their part"
Posted at 8:54 AM, Oct 12, 2017

Franklin's police chief is placing the blame squarely on Milwaukee's court system for crime in suburban areas. 

Chief Rick Oliva posted on Facebook that a "core group of juvenile suspects from the City of Milwaukee" are responsible for burglaries and auto thefts in Milwaukee county and Waukesha County. 

Oliva says police departments aren't the problem because arrests are being made, often the same people for the same types of crimes.

"This is the frustration for law enforcement. First, there is a reluctance by the District Attorney’s Office to charge juveniles and secondly, there is a reluctance by judges to send these repeat offenders to detention. In most cases, juveniles arrested for being caught in a stolen auto will be released from custody within 3 days. -- Franklin Police Chief Rick Oliva

Oliva said his department will do their part to prevent auto thefts and burglaries and to pursue charges against the offenders. 

"We ask for your understanding that before juvenile crime can be seriously addressed, the entire criminal justice system must do their part," Oliva said. 

Oliva said Franklin has not had any burglaries or auto thefts in the city since Sept. 26.