Franklin clothing company thanks Brewers' playoff run for $500,000 in sales

Posted at 7:10 PM, Oct 22, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-23 14:23:17-04

FRANKLIN -- While many of us are still recovering from the end of a magical Brewers season, we're learning of the financial impact it had on Milwaukee. 

A Franklin lifestyle apparel company called Routine Baseball said they've made half a million dollars over the past two weeks thanks to the Brewers' late postseason run.

The Brewers' season may be over, but the orders for unique team gear haven't stopped just yet at Routine Baseball. 

"We saw a huge influx of sales not only t-shirts but sweatshirts," said owner Michael Degrave. 

Over the playoff push, Degrave enjoyed watching his massive warehouse ship out 15,000 pieces of Brewers gear that are guaranteed to stand out. Degrave said one of their designs takes the crown.

"I would have to go with 'the thrown' t-shirt of Christian Yellich," he said. "All the guys in the office were pretty passionate about this one." 

Claire Koenig with Visit Milwaukee said the impact of the playoffs is still making ripples downtown. 

"We estimate it was about $6-8 million for each postseason game," she said. 

Given that there were six playoff games in Milwaukee, that would add up to $36-48 million. 

"That's indirect and direct spending," Koenig said. "Direct is like hotel nights, indirect is more of the things like maybe someone coming down from Fond du Lac and bought gas to make the trip down."

Hotels, ride-sharing drivers, bars and restaurants certainly cashed in. What they won't want to hear is what could have been with a World Series. 

"Assuming they would have played three games here, we think that would have brought in at least about $20 million," Koenig said.  

"It's unfortunate, but at the end of the day we had a good run for a team that was in a rebuild and we just need to come back strong next year," said Degrave.  

Routine Baseball isn't just exclusive to the Brewers. In fact, they've already made World Series t-shirts for the Dodgers and the Red Sox.