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Foxconn's hiring requirements give high hopes to MSOE students

Posted at 5:56 PM, Nov 09, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-10 02:08:51-05

New details have been unveiled in the Foxconn contract about hiring requirements for the manufacturing plant coming to Mount Pleasant.

Nowhere in this contract will you find any requirements for hiring Wisconsin workers for the Foxconn plant.

An MSOE industrial engineering professor said that's actually a good thing because there isn't enough talent to fill the engineering jobs here.

As MSOE students study for finals, some senior engineering majors are already looking ahead to what's next: getting a job. Foxconn has quickly become a prime prospect for Martina Bilandzija.
"I actually thought it was a great opportunity,” she said. “Obviously they're going to need a lot of engineers."

Bilandzija already applied to work as a manufacturing engineer at the proposed plant in Racine County.

"There was an event in Milwaukee that I went to," Bilandzija said.

Wisconsin's jobs agency unveiled a draft Wednesday of the final Foxconn contract which outlines hiring requirements tied to a $3 billion taxpayer dollar incentives package. By year five of the contract, Foxconn is expected to employ at least 5,000 full-time workers. That number doubles in 2027.
"We have very high demand; students are receiving multiple offers," said MSOE Industrial Engineering Program Director Charlene Yauch.

Yauch said currently, there aren't enough engineers in America; particularly in the industrial and manufacturing fields that Foxconn is looking for.

“I suspect with more companies coming into the area it's only going to get better for the students so-to-speak because they'll have more opportunities to choose from," Yauch said.

Bilandzija said she's going to keep her options open, but hopes Foxconn works out so she can stay close to home.

"They did say for full-time, they would be making callbacks for interviews in like the early winter," Bilandzija said.

On Friday, Gov. Scott Walker will officially sign the Foxconn contract in Racine. All that's left after that is signatures from Foxconn execs to finalize the deal.