Fox River still rising in Kenosha County

Residents brace for more flooding
Posted at 9:42 AM, Jul 13, 2017

Flooding concerns are far from over for residents in Kenosha County.

As the water begins to move downstream, additional flooding is possible in areas such as New Munster, Silver Lake, Wheatland and Salem.

The Fox River was at 15.98 feet in New Munster Thursday morning and is forecast to crest at 17.5 feet, more than 4 feet higher than its ever been measured.

Residents throughout Kenosha County are still coping with the floodwaters caused by Wednesday's heavy rain.

At the Wilmot Gravel Pit, free sand and sand bags are available for residents to take. All they have to do is bring their own shovel and transportation.

"Right now, the water's about 3 feet from filling up the window well to the basement," said Andy Burns, who lives in Silver Lake near the Fox River.

Burns and his wife Kelly filled up bags with sand and loaded them into the back of their pickup.

"We hope this will make a difference. Fingers crossed," Kelly Burns said. "Hopefully neighbors are reaching out to each other, because if you're in good shape, somebody next door to you probably is not."

Also in Silver Lake, Allen Dunski and his family woke up to find their whole driveway and front yard under water.

The floodwater is inches from Dunski's front door. He's resorted to using a kayak to get around the neighborhood.

"It's way, way past where it would normally flood," Dunski said of the river. "What do you do, you know? We've got boats, we've got waders, and we've got wet feet," he said.

Dunski said markers he'd been periodically placing in the ground indicated the water level was still rising Thursday morning.

"In the last hour here at this location, I'd say it's come up another two to three inches," Dunski said. "Hopefully it crests soon and it recedes even faster." 

Kenosha County continues to urge all residents to report any flood damage to homes or businesses. You can do so by calling 262-605-7924 or emailing