Four ways to protect your home from burglars you might not have known

Posted: 10:16 PM, Aug 25, 2017
Updated: 2017-08-26 03:16:45Z

As criminals get bolder, some people are taking it upon themselves to outsmart them, and a new spot in Menomonee Falls has made it their business.

"We are about giving people that confidence to have a safety strategy before they need one," said Malissa Misch of MK Protection Strategies.

MK Protection Strategies teaches reality-based self-defense classes, firearms training and self-development classes.

"If I'm walking to my car at the end of the night or when I'm walking from one bar to another I don't have to be afraid.  I know that I can defend myself and I'm going to have the skills that I need to be safe," said Cassandra Krueger.

"I took the class because I'm a real estate agent and often times I get a call and meet a party that I do not know.... Our world is ever changing and we need to protect ourselves," said Carolyn Bolz Wykhuis.

One class called "Refuse to Be a Victim" focuses on making your home appear less desirable to crooks.

"You could put an old muddy pair of men's work boots on your porch and give the illusion that there's a big burly guy that works there and wears those boots to work every morning," said Misch.

Co-owner Misch suggested putting knick knacks on your window sill.

"If someone were to break in the windows it'll give you a little bit more of a time to react," she said.

She also suggests reinforcing your entry points.

"Most doors have a 1.5 half inch screw in the strike plate of the door.  Anyone can force their way in with a shoulder, kick it in, but all you need to do to reinforce that a little bit more strongly is to put a 3-inch screw through there," Misch said. 

Also, homeowners could create the illusion there's a big dog inside.

"You could have a big ole dog bowl and a big ole bone on your porch," Misch said.

It's giving home owners confidence while intimidating the bad guys.

"So many things can be done to reduce victimization, that's why we're here," Misch said.

You can learn more about classes at MK Protection Strategies by calling 414-795-5598 or visit their website .