Four-vehicle accident in Sheboygan caused by suspected drunk driver, police say

Three people were injured
Suspected drunk driver causes Sheboygan crashes
Posted at 9:32 AM, Jun 01, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-01 18:23:40-04

Sheboygan Police said a suspected drunk driver damaged four vehicles and sent three people, including himself, to the hospital Friday morning. 

The crash happened just after 6:30 a.m. near 14th and Wisconsin. 

"We have witness statements that the operator of the silver vehicle was traveling at a high rate of speed northbound on 14th Street, but in the southbound lanes," said Sheboygan Police Sgt. Terence Meyer. 

Meyer said the driver of that silver vehicle, who police believe was under the influence, clipped one vehicle and damaged the bumper. The driver also struck a different car—a red sedan—which spun out several times and flipped over, landing in someone's front yard, Meyer said. 

The suspected drunk driver's silver vehicle, which caught fire after the collision with the red car, also hit a loaded cement truck, causing it to flip onto its side, Meyer said. 

Meyer said the suspected drunk driver, along with the driver of the red vehicle and the driver of the truck, were all taken to the hospital. 

"Right now all three are injured - none of them majorly," he said. 

"How people walked away from this is amazing," Meyer added. 

Witnesses to the crash said it left them stunned.

"I just know I heard a really big boom," said Lisa Ebert. "It shook my whole house." 

The Sheboygan County District Attorney said any criminal charges against the suspected drunk driver would likely come next week.