Fortunes start to turn in Burlington after floods consume town

Posted at 10:16 PM, Jul 14, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-14 23:25:44-04

A little bit of luck has appeared in the midst of all the bad news Burlington residents are dealing with.

Someone has won the lottery after buying a ticket in town Thursday. And that is not the only good news for people in Burlington. The power is back on for a lot of residents and businesses. The bridges are reopening. Though the curfew remains in effect for Friday night.

A lot of people were out and about in downtown Burlington before they had to be in their homes, but their options are limited.

"We were closed about a day and a half," said Jesse Erickson, a manger at Rugan's.

The restaurant opened Friday afternoon just in time for dinner. John's Main Event, a bar and grill downtown, wishes they could do the same.

"We have no food because all our freezers have been down because we had no power," said owner John Puntillo.

He did open up his bar Thursday night and all day Friday to get some revenue.

"We have to close at 10 because there's a curfew," Puntillo said.

But his neighbor, Fred's Burgers is still dealing with water.

In the midst of all the flooding, there is some good news. Someone bought a winning lottery ticket at the grocery store Thursday.

"We had a winner that won $350,000," said manager of Richter's Marketplace Scott Richter.

"The city has been closed down for two days. It has to be someone from Burlington," said resident Dan Bellman.

People are hoping it is someone affected by the floods.

"Good for them. I hope they can use it," said nearby resident Paula McHugh.