Former Racine school students donate supplies to Julian Thomas Elementary principal

Posted at 6:26 PM, Oct 10, 2017

RACINE -- With a little more than a month into the new school year, a large donation of school supplies was made to a Racine school.

Tuesday a group of students in high school and college gave back to their former 5th grade teacher Demetri Beekman, who is now a principal at Julian Thomas Elementary School.

"Our students are going to be really blessed to receive this at this time of the year because things start to run out," Beekman said. 

Boxes full of essential items like markers, notebooks and binders were donated.

"It's great because he's somebody we have a connection with and we hope to like grow his students’ education," said Allie Haddad, who goes to the University of Dayton.

The Haddad family just recently started their own nonprofit named “On a Shoe String." It's education based and focused on giving aid to schools in areas of poverty.

Beekman said it's heartwarming because this gesture will go a long way.

"That sent chills through my body. This is the moment that you really appreciate being an educator," Beekman said.

This was just the first stop of donations for the On a Shoe String non-profit. They plan to do more work in Milwaukee and Dayton, Ohio.