Teacher charged with sexual assault of student

New Berlin teacher charged with sexual assault
Posted at 12:57 PM, Apr 08, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-08 19:30:54-04

NEW BERLIN -- A former New Berlin West High School teacher has been charged with two counts of sexual assault of a student. 

Sara Domres, 28, of Sullivan, was fired from the school in January after internal investigation. 

“Ensuring our schools are the safe and secure learning environments our families and communities expect is one of our chief goals and top priorities,” Superintendent Joe Garza said in a statement Friday. “The details of the allegations against our former employee are troubling, disappointing and incomprehensible.”

Superintendent Garza shared the following letter with all district families Friday: 

Dear families,

The School District of New Berlin has been made aware that a former employee has been charged with two counts of sexual assault of a student after police say she had an inappropriate relationship with a student. We are now able to tell you the staff member is Sara Domres, a former English teacher at New Berlin West High School.

As a parent of children in this district, and as a friend to many who have children that go to our schools, I understand the frustration and disappointment that you may feel as a result of this allegedly happening in our community. I feel it, too.

As the superintendent, I am equally frustrated and disappointed. When we hire employees, there is a level of expectation as to how they conduct themselves. We could never have expected such a flagrant disregard for not only our expectations, but society’s expectations as well.

There is no quantitative way of knowing if an employee will someday fail to meet our moral and ethical expectations. Background checks cannot always predict it. There is no box to check that indicates it. That being said, we will continue to look at our hiring and training practices and find ways to improve.

As they have been throughout the investigation process, SDNB counselors will continue to be available to all students in need of someone to talk to about the recent developments. Additionally, and perhaps most importantly, please remember these cases have a victim. Our hearts go out to the victim and the victim’s family.

Finally, as I have stated previously, thank you for your patience and support during these difficult times.

Joe Garza, Superintendent School District of New Berlin 

Domres will make her initial court appearance Friday afternoon. 

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