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Formal charges issued against suspect accused of killing DPW worker

Posted at 5:41 PM, Feb 14, 2019

Formal charges have been filed against the man suspected of killing a DPW worker last week while police still search for him.

Terron Clayborn, 30 of Milwaukee is facing a maximum penalty of 31 years behind bars if convicted for the deadly hit-and-run that killed Bryan Rodriguez last Friday near 17th and Vine.

Clayborn allegedly crashed his car into a DPW truck, pinning Rodriguez against the truck. Rodriguez was filling potholes at the time of the crash. He died later that day at the hospital.

According to the complaint, after the crash Clayborn and his girlfriend ran off from the scene. The girlfriend later contacted police from the hospital.

In the criminal complaint, the girlfriend said she tried to flag down other cars to help after the crash, but Clayborn was set on getting away.

He found someone to give him and the girlfriend a ride to her home. She tried to go to the hospital, but Clayborn reportedly stuck a small handgun in the girlfriend's side, demanding they go to his brother's house and then a hotel after they changed their clothes.

She agreed to drive him to her brothers house. During the ride Clayborn kept saying, “I lost everything.”

She dropped him off at the house and then took herself to the hospital, where she contacted police.

The girlfriend said she was scared of Clayborn, telling police, “I think he killed somebody and I think he’s going to kill me.”

The criminal complaint notes Clayborn has 14 prior convictions for driving on a suspended license, which was suspended when he crashed and killed Rodriguez.

A warrant has been filed for Clayborn's arrest. No word if an arrest has been made.