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For the second time in a year, an MATC Men's Basketball player has died

Posted at 7:32 PM, Nov 08, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-08 20:32:40-05

For the second time in a year, an MATC Men's Basketball player has died.

Saturday, just an hour after the Stormer's game that day, Will Kellerman died in a car crash near his home in Verona. Kellerman was on his way to see his girlfriend in Iowa. 

"He died a mile from our house as he passed Verona," Brian Kellerman, Will's father said. "God knew 7:00 was coming and said, Will, today's your day."

Kellerman had transferred from Loras College in Iowa this semester and was playing in just his second game for MATC. 

While his family is still grieving, so is his second family. 

"It has definitely hit us hard because of how close they are," Randy Casey, head coach for the MATC Men's Basketball team said. 

Casey had a hand in recruiting Kellerman to MATC. He says he was a standout both on and off the court. 

"He was a coach's dream," Casey said. "He was the full package. His ability on the floor, ability in the classroom, a great teammate. Just a great young man in all aspects that you can think of."

But it's an all too familiar feeling for Casey. In January, he had the same stunned feelings after learning their point guard, D'andre Morehouse was shot and killed in Milwaukee. 

"You would think it was a once in a career thing," Casey said. "To have something like this back to back years, it's definitely not easy. 

Casey has gone through a gamut of emotion from sadness to anger. He hasn't helped but ask himself the impossible "what if" questions either. 

What if he hadn't recruited Kellerman to play at MATC?  

Would he still be here? 

"There are so many things that go through your mind," Casey said. "So many what ifs. You just try to get through those. That's all you can do."

One thing that's for certain, Kellerman had a passion for basketball. A standout at Verona High School, he went on to play at Loras College in Iowa before transferring to MATC. In just his second game, his final game, he lead the team in scoring. 

"He showed up big," Casey said. "He went out on top doing the thing he loved. He was able to have a great game. He won't be forgotten. He'll always be in our hearts and a part of the Stormer family."

The Kellerman family has set up a scholarship in their son's name called "Opportunity 34." It will go to a Verona High School basketball player that exemplifies what Will stood for and help them pursue the same dream he had of playing basketball at the next level.