Floridians with Wisconsin ties wait out Irma in the Sunshine State

Posted at 10:42 PM, Sep 08, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-08 23:42:49-04

Despite stark warnings, some people in mandatory evacuation zones are hunkering down and plan to ride out Irma's rath in Florida.

"It's gonna be an interesting couple days," said Matt Holton, Naples.

Marquette graduate Matt Holton is preparing for the worst as Irma's path takes a turn.

"We all thought that it was going to hit the east coast really bad and we're all kind of non chalant about it," said Holton.

Hurricane shutters are now ready to go at his Naples home.  Holton is in a mandatory evacuation zone.

"There's nobody on the street, there's no cars, you don't see any signs of activity."

Holton plans to stay inland at a friend's high rise.  He isn't worried about the wind, but fears the predicted 8-12 feet storm surge. 

"Basically up from the canal to my pool deck is 10 feet so if really gets above 10 feet the first floor of my house is flooded," said Holton. 

Holton stayed so he can be ready to save his home and dental practice rather than getting stuck up north.

"I figured if something was going ot happen after it blew over I'd want to be able to get to stuff to try and help it, help people," said Holton.

Lynne Halleran is waiting out the storm in Keysville taking care of her animals.

"I''m gonna bring my sheep in the garage if it gets really bad...The other ones we just have to let them have access to the barn, but we don't want to lock them in the barn in case something happens to the barn," said Lynne Halleran, Keysville.

Oak Creek native Jim Burger lives in Coral Springs.

"It's gotten to the point now where there's no where to get gas, there's no lodging available, and I would rather be here than stuck in a car on the interstate somewhere," said Jim Burger, Coral Springs.

He's a pro at snow storms, but not hurricanes.

"That's what my girl asked me.  She said would you rather be in Wisconsin in a blizzard or here in a hurricane?  I said a blizzard I've been through many of those," said Burger.

Burger is sticking to a plan.

"We have two dogs and a cat so we're going to lock ourselves into our spare room, we're going to put a armwauer in front of the window in there...and we're gonna shut all the interiopr doors to kind of help out with the barimetric pressure and just camp out in there until it's over with," said Burger.

Tonight's weather is no indication of what's to come.

"It's just another day in paradise until tomorrow," said Holton.