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Flights cancelled as Milwaukee feels impact of the Nor'easter

Posted at 10:14 PM, Jan 04, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-05 12:27:31-05

The Nor'easter caused more than 4,000 flight cancellations Thursday nationwide, including some at Mitchell International Airport.  

Natalie Grehn was thankful she made it out of Milwaukee before the big storm.

"It was a wintery blizzard," Grehn said. 

That's what Grehn and her family woke up to in New York City this morning.  

"The plows do not come out like they do in Wisconsin.  With all the street parking here and it being such a condensed large city it's just not feasible for them to consistently plow like we do in Milwaukee," Grehn said.

Grehn and her crew trekked through the snow and took advantage of the warmer weather.  That is, until the wind came through.  

"With all the tall buildings and that wind just whipping through the wind was pretty treacherous," Grehn said.

Back at Mitchell International, there were canceled and delayed flights across the board. 

"We have multiple flight changes and cancellations and reschedules," said traveler Madeline Howell.

Howell and her mom Diane are from Minnesota and trying to get to New York for a Broadway show.

"We've saved up so long to do this and I heard Bett Midler was only going to be there until the 14th and we said let's just do it and we did so we've been planning and looking forward to it," said traveler Diane Howell.

They're now scheduled to fly out of Milwaukee Friday morning.

"Now it's just been one you get your hopes up and then down up and down, but we are on a quest we're getting to New York and Milwaukee is going to come through for us we hope," Diane Howell said.

As of Thursday night, there aren't any canceled flight out of Mitchell Friday.  There are several flights scheduled to New York and other parts of the East Coast.