More flash flooding hits southeast Wisconsin Wednesday

Posted at 7:07 AM, Jul 12, 2017
Heavy rain caused a flood of problems on local roadways around Kenosha County. 
According to the Sheriff's Office, deputies are working along with the Kenosha County Highway Department to respond to the following, flooded roadways and washouts:  
  • The intersection of County Highway-N at County Highway-D.
  • The intersection of US Highway 45 at County Highway-K.
  • The intersection of County Highway-KR at County Highway-H.
Low-lying farm fields along County Highway-H from County Highway-S to County Highway-KR, and on County Highway-L from State Highway-31 to County Highway-H.
US Highway 45 to State Highway 142.
In the Village of Paddock Lake, which took a significant soaking, the following problems were reported: 
236th Avenue is flooded between 67th Street and 61st Street.
The intersection of 248th Avenue at 67th Street is flooded.
The 24700 block of County Highway-K is washed away due to sinkhole.
The 23800 block of County Highway-K is flooded and not passable.
The standing water could be spotted in residential areas throughout Paddock Lake. Neighbors on 235th Avenue saw it overrun driveways and entire yards. 
"This is something else, and there's more rain coming," said Dick Stevenson, of Paddock Lake. 
Stevenson and many others in the neighborhood couldn't leave their homes by vehicle because the water was too high. 
"A lot of people won't be going to work today," he said. 
"This is about the worst (flooding) I've ever seen here, and I've lived here since '94," Stevenson said. 
Larry Hogan sat in his garage watching rising waters cover up his driveway and front yard. 
"I'm living in a log cabin on a pond today. That's what I have, unfortunately," Hogan said. 
"The drainage, it's got nowhere to go," Hogan said. "It's washing roads away." 
According to Hogan, it'll take several hours just for the water to clear off the roadway. 
"It's pretty ugly here right now. It's not good," Hogan said.