Five-year-old clings to life after car wreck in New Berlin

Family asks for prayers
Posted at 4:13 PM, Feb 16, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-16 23:17:27-05

Five-year-old girl Avalina Mantey is on life support after she was involved in a terrible car accident Saturday night in New Berlin.

Her family has been by her side in the hospital ever since and they're hoping she can pull through.

She's a part of the Bunzel family, who own Bunzel Meat's market. They're asking for the public's help through prayer.

"Everybody is just not sure what to do with themselves, that's all we have," said Dan Bunzel.

Now, it's just a waiting game.

"We're sad. Now she's in a bed with wires," Bunzel said.

Her family is asking for the public to join them in prayer at 3 p.m. A power hour for her healing.

"The power of prayer is in numbers," Bunzel said.

"At 3 o’clock just take a few seconds, a minute of you have it. Hour would be great, think about Avalina and give her as much prayers as possible, we believe it's going to work, it has to," Bunzel said.

On top of prayer they're asking for people to wear either pink, purple, or yellow in support because those are Avalina's favorite colors.

Deanna Werner, a cashier at Bunzel's Market, believes in the message.

"Not just today but I think pretty much every day at 3 o’clock," said Werner.

Bunzel's Market will also have ribbons with pins free of charge to show support

"It all comes in numbers and the more we can do to try to get this little girl back is all that matters," Bunzel said. l

Bunzel says those ribbons will be available by Monday if you would like to support Avalina.

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