Firefighters honored for bravery at Meritorious and Community Service Award ceremony

Posted at 10:15 PM, Oct 12, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-12 23:16:09-04

Milwaukee firefighters were honored for the work they do everyday in the city Thursday night at the department's Meritorious and Community Service Award ceremony.

People like Fire Lt. Peter Nycz ran into a burning home on Mount Vernon Avenue on June 22. He went in before any water was on the fire just after three children had been dropped out a window. He was told four more people were trapped inside. He found a man in a hallway.

“I grabbed him, pulled him down the stairs, got him out of the building. At that point my lead firefighter was bringing the line in,” Nycz said.

The crews were able to get everyone else out.

Another family came to the awards share personally say thank you.

“Thanks for your quick response I felt silly calling 911 for a migraine,” said Brooke Frizzell.

Frizzell’s husband had a migraine for five days. It's not uncommon but he wasn’t walking right either. When crews arrived all of his symptoms could have been explained away. But they told Brook they should take him to the ER.

“We were told afterward the doctors said hours that I probably had left at the time,” said Craig Frizzell.

It ended up being a brain cyst that almost ruptured. Instead, Craig Frizzell was able to be at the awards ceremony Thursday, along with the birth of his first child.

He had a simple message for his firefighters.

“Just thank you. Wonderful response from them,” Craig Frizzell said.

Craig Frizzell has made a full recovery and doctors don’t think he will have any more brain cysts.