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Update: How "Felony Lane Gang" got their signature name

Posted at 3:31 PM, Jul 02, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-02 18:50:08-04

Court documents reveal new information regarding the so-called "Felony Lane Gang" scheme.

According to authorities, the Felony Lane Gang group uses rented vehicles and steals identification documents, credit cards, and check books from purses left in unattended vehicles. The members then use the stolen checks and IDs to withdraw large sums of money at multiple banks. A recently filed criminal complaint says the group often use women who wear wigs to impersonate the theft victims.

A criminal complaint says the suspects commonly use the farthest window from the teller in bank drive thru lanes to impersonate the customer while using a stolen ID. This drive thru lane is commonly known as the “felony lane,” thus the name of the gang.

According to the complaint, an investigator with the Brown County Sheriff’s Office identified Ashley Blevins and Anjelica Marsala as two women accused of participating in the Felony Lane Gang.

As of June 28, the complaint says forty-seven checks have been identified as fraudulent throughout Wisconsin. The total amount of the fraudulent checks successfully cashed in Brown County totals $30,048.00, with an additional $33,461.99 in fraudulent checks being cashed outside of Brown County and an additional $8,604.11 in checks that were attempted to have been cashed unsuccessfully.

Ashley Blevins faces a dozen charges, mainly related to fraud and forgery. Anjelica Marsala faces 39 charges that include forgery and drug charges.