FBI works to prevent copycat attacks in Milwaukee

Posted at 7:54 AM, Jun 14, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-14 09:27:42-04

The events in Orlando already has the FBI in Milwaukee on alert. Agents here are already on guard for what's next.

"We look at events in the Milwaukee area or around the state of Wisconsin, we look at areas that we need to pay more attention to. Maybe work with our state and local partners to have a heightened security awareness. And just make sure the lines of communication are open," says Philip Hale, FBI Supervisory Special Agent over the Joint Terrorism Task Force.

That includes reaching out personally to the LGBT community. 

"Before we even got here this morning the FBI was already here to let us know that they are here that they are available to us. We cannot say enough both from the FBI and Milwaukee Police Department," says Debra Trakel, Milwaukee LGBT Community Center.

A major concern is making sure Milwaukee doesn't see a copycat attack. The FBI does not expect to be in bars and restaurants, but the bureau could be at major events this summer. The feds aren't sharing any specific information about groups under investigation.

"I think we are always concerned about anyone who would latch onto an extremist ideology and then act out with violence towards any group," Hale says.

They say the best way to stop someone buying into extremism from using violence is to report them.