FBI seeks to identify Milwaukee "bloomer bandits"

Three men rob 8 local businesses
FBI seeks to identify Milwaukee "bloomer bandits
Posted at 8:09 PM, Jan 27, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-28 11:51:37-05

The FBI and the Milwaukee Police Department are on the lookout for armed robbers they've dubbed the "bloomer bandits."

Three men considered armed and extremely dangerous have been captured on surveillance video committing violent armed robberies on the north and south sides of the city.

They've been dubbed the "bloomer bandits" because one of the robber's pants sag low enough to show bright orange underwear.

Authorities say several of the robberies have occurred on, or near South 13th Street in Milwaukee between the hours of 6:30 - 10:45 pm.

The robbers are armed with black semi-automatic pistols, one of which has an extended magazine, according to authorities.

The robber with the orange underwear also has a white face covering and green boots.

"They're going in with handguns drawn. They are forcing victims down on the ground," said FBI Supervisory Special Agent Reid Norris.

One of those victims, Jaime Perez owns Imagen Hair Salon at 3359 S. 13th Street, with his wife.  Perez said they walked in and pointed a gun his head.

"They get me on the ground and I got on the ground and I feel the gun in my back the first thing that came in my mind, 'They going to shoot me,'" said Perez.

In surveillence video released by the FBI you see Perez rolled over by one of the suspects. The robber searches him for cash and takes the money from the salon and his wallet. His wife can only stand with her hands up and watch. Other customers including a small child are held at gunpoint by another robber blocking the door.

"It was scary," said Perez.

A similar situation happened at a T-Mobile store at 1308 W. Lincoln Avenue, on the south side and at least nine other businesses, according to the FBI. They are calling the men the Bloomer Bandits because one of the guys had orange underwear sticking out of his pants. That same man has also been seen wearing green shoes and pants in each of the robbiers. The FBI worries the three man crew is getting more voilent.

"There has been at least one instance where they have pistol whipped one of the employees. So we see an escalation as this goes," said Norris.

Perez and his wife feel lucky they made it out safely.

"When I get home. My wife and I we hug each other and we cry together," said Perez.

The following businesses have been targeted by the robbers:

  • T-Mobile, 1308 W. Lincoln Avenue, 01/18/17
  • Imagen Beauty Salon, 3359 W. 13th Street, 01/19/17
  • Tierra Food Mart, 2901 S. 13th Street, 1/25/17
  • Speedway Gas Station, 959 W. Lincoln Avenue, 1/25/17
  • Walgreens, 2727 W. North Avenue, 1/24/17
  • Little Caesar's Pizza, 2831 N. Oakland Avenue, 1/24/17
  • Advanced Auto Parts, 1331 W. Burnham Street, 1/20/17
  • McDonald's, 5739 W. Silver Spring Drive, 1/26/17

Anyone with information about the individuals is asked to call the FBI at (414) 276-4684.