Father, son caught in middle of high-speed chase

Posted at 10:19 PM, Nov 02, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-02 23:19:32-04
MENOMONEE FALLS -- A father and his young son found themselves caught in the middle of a high-speed chase Tuesday evening. The driver turned out to be a bank robber on the run. 
"It almost made me infuriated and mad," Dustin Zellmer said.
Zellmer and this 3-year-old son Todd were stopped at a red light at 124th and Hampton in Butler Tuesday after school.
"Then all of a sudden out of nowhere this van comes flying over the hill," he said.
His adrenaline was racing as he saw the van coming toward their car. 
"And I didn't know if I get on the gas and leave or hit the car next to me," Zellmer said. 
Zellmer said the man behind the wheel was driving recklessly. 
"When you go up the hill westbound it's 35.  When you hit the lights at 124th on Hampton in Butler it's 25 and he was easily 80-90 miles per hour over the hill, easily," he said.
He said the van almost tipped. 
"The tire of the van was tucked up in the wheel. He was going turning so sharp and the van was hopping," he said.
We now know that driver is suspected of robbing a bank in Milwaukee County. He drove back and forth from Waukesha and Washington counties in an attempt to get away before police arrested him in a field near a gas station in Hartford.  
Zellmer said he explained to his son what they witnessed.  
"He knows him as the bank robber and that the be boo's caught him....It could have been a much different story for me if we would have been hit," Zellmer said.  
Zellmer said he saw the van hit one car and swipe another while he was stopped at the intersection. He said everyone inside seemed to be OK.