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Farmers struggle with crops during recent drought

Farmers hope to get rain in the coming days
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Posted at 6:43 PM, Jun 11, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-11 22:51:58-04

Farmers are feeling the heat as the lack of rain in the area continues to be a problem.

Drought Monitor

According to Storm Team 4 U.S Drought Monitor, Milwaukee is in a severe drought phase.

June is a prime time for picking strawberries and sometimes can last until July, but the extreme heat and lack of rain are cutting the season short.

"They're ripe so we have to get them picked or they can be affected by the heat," Fideler Farm worker Shawn Fideler said.

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So, to ensure the strawberries don't go bad, the irrigation system has been on daily. But it's not ideal for the growth of the berries.

"We do water it, but it evaporates and dries up right away. That's one of the challenges we've been having," Fideler said.

Fideler said rain is better for the strawberries.

Farmers struggle with crops during recent drought

As of now, the strawberry picking season will be wrapping up at Fideler Farm in about ten days, unless a miracle happens.

Farmers from across the area are hoping for mother nature to make it rain.

Pfaff Sod owner Bill Pfaff said the weather is very important when growing sod.

"It takes like two years to grow sod. So, the crop for the next year, we're not getting water on it yet," Pfaff said. "That's a big problem."

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Pfaff and Fideler must run the irrigation system to keep the sod and strawberries from drying up, a burden that can add up.

"$250 each time we run the irrigation pipes, and it costs a lot of money to irrigate," Pfaff said.

In a perfect world, Pfaff laughed and said he would want an inch of rain every Sunday.

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