Fans impacted by rescheduled Ed Sheeran concert

Posted at 6:57 PM, Oct 22, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-23 14:30:27-04

The Ed Sheeran Concert postponement has caused many fans to rearrange schedules or give up their tickets, and it's made some the target of scammers.

Miller Park Stadium was originally supposed to have the Ed Sheeran concert Tuesday, but because the Brewers played at Miller Park on Saturday, the concert had to be pushed back to Wednesday night. 

Cristal Nobels' family is originally from Wisconsin but currently live in Florida. They recently moved to Florida, but heard of the concert and knew the two oldest boys would want to go.

Cristal said she bought the tickets months ago and planned a surprise concert trip under the guise of visiting family. The cost for this surprise was more than just financial she said. 

"The emotional toll of all of it, is very stressful," she said. "One, just coming here, making the travel arrangements, pulling the kids out of school, getting their homework assignments."

The concert change to Wednesday night is forcing the family to keep the surprise a secret best left untold since their flight back to Florida is Wednesday morning. 

"They would have been ecstatic, through the roof," said Nobels. "So it's really sad that we won't be able to share that experience with them."

In Sheboygan, Ed Sheeran Fan Rhea Williams is able to go to the concert but was scammed out of tickets.

Williams said after the reschedule announcement she went looking for tickets that people were selling themselves through social media. 

"I saw that on Ed Sheeran's tour page, so I just thought I'd reach out to people since they were having that issue," said Williams. 

Unfortunately, she found a scammer through a page that no longer exists. The scammer told Williams she could have two tickets for floor seats and pay $160 dollars. She said the scammer sent her a ticket confirmation number, so she sent him money through Paypal but ended up getting nothing in return. 

Williams said she's in contact with Paypal, the bank, and is looking to reach out to the police to get her money back. But, she's not deterred from going to the concert. However, she does plan to buy tickets through a trusted online site.