Family seeks answers as to how daughter died on freeway

Posted at 11:07 PM, Jun 10, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-11 00:07:41-04

Nearly a week after a her death on the Marquette interchange, the family of  Bailey Hallio is pushing for answers as to how she ended up walking onto Interstate 43 traffic.

Police initially said one witness called and said the 23 year old was seen dancing on the freeway.
On Friday her family met adamantly disputed that by sharing a key witnesses account of Hallio’s final moments.

Auala Safo nearly hit the young woman when he and his family were on the highway that evening. The father of four jumped out of his van to try to save her.

She got hit and she landed on another vehicle, she got dragged under. I was the first one by her. “Her eyes were open the whole time, I know she saw me,” said Safo.

Hallio's family says they are forever grateful. Safo was there holding her hand. He has become part of their family.

They wanted him to clear what they consider to be false reports that surfaced after her death.

Recounting what happened Monday night is tough, but this key witness say he is certain of what he saw.

“She was not dancing on the highway. She was just confused. She looked lost,like she didn't know where was,” said Safo.

A cousin who spoke on behalf of her mother and family says they have asked deputies to investigate the events leading up to incident, such as, if she was perhaps pushed out of a moving vehicle.

They still don’t know just how the young artist found herself walking four-stories high on the Marquette Interchange.

“If you hear that your loved one was dancing on the freeway that not only downplayed who she was as an individual but it also caused a lot of negative speculation,” said her cousin Africa Lucas.

Family is sure this inspiring artist who is described as happy, polite and responsible wouldn't have carelessly risked her life.

Police have arrested the driver they say struck Hallio and drove off.