Family of murdered Jazz Cafe owner speaks out

Donald Lewis's body was found "hidden" on Saturday
Posted at 6:25 PM, Oct 09, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-09 19:44:23-04
The family of a Milwaukee businessman found murdered and hidden at his Jazz Cafe opens up. 
The lifeless body of Donald Lewis was discovered on Saturday night, a day after his family had reported him missing. 
On Friday, Donald’s wife Celestine says she had a gut feeling something was terribly wrong. On Sunday, his family said they were trying to cope with the news. 
Lewis was murdered. Milwaukee Police said his body was found on the Cafe’s property. His family wants to know why anyone would harm a man they say fed the homeless and wanted to help improve his community through music. 
“He was a loving, said Josa Lewis, his son. "Caring, always there for us. You know, ready to provide for his family.”
Lewis’ 29-year-old son says he can’t believe his 65-year-old father is gone. 
No longer will he hear his dad call for "his baby" - this trumpet.  Jazz music was Donald's passion and he taught music at various Milwaukee high schools.  Lewis wanted to share that passion at the "Young Urban Jazz Café” – located at 2451 W. Fond Du Lac Ave.,  which opened only two years ago. 
“We all thought it was a great idea he wanted to bring back to the community. Bring back to the community - and give the community the joy that he has,” said Lewis.
Over the weekend that joy was cut short. Donald went missing. His truck and business abandoned. Sensing something was terribly wrong his family posted these flyers around the area. Yet on Saturday they received devastating news. Milwaukee police say Donald was found murdered inside a house located one block-over. 
“He offered opportunity to anyone," said Lewis. "I’d never seen him turn anyone down. He always was open to giving everyone a chance.”
His family says an employee -of just three months -- is to blame for their father’s murder.  An employee they say took advantage of Donald’s kindness, which is what family will miss the most. 
I miss his presence, his smile his laughter, his jokes. It’s just tragic,” said Donald’s son fighting back tears.