Family of hit-and-run victim pleads for justice

Posted at 10:12 PM, Feb 25, 2016

The family of a Milwaukee man killed by a hit and run driver earlier this week is speaking out.  They are asking the person who took their father's life to turn themselves in.

Monday night changed everything for a south side family. Ansari King was hit and killed crossing the street.

"This is not right," says Maschica Lowe, King's longtime girlfriend.

Six years ago, Ansari King, 35, and his family left Chicago so his kids could have a safer life.

"We moved to Milwaukee to escape all the drama and all the gang wars and all that the war zone and that's the thing, we move up here for a better environment and he just get killed like this," says Ansari King, Jr., his son.

The father of four was working three jobs trying to make ends meet. His family says King was on his way to the casino to see if he could win some extra cash when he was killed.

"He was trying to make a few dollars for us. Cause any dollar he had, anything he had he gave half of it to us," says Ansari King, Jr.

Investigators think a driver in a white pickup sped up, hoping to beat the light, when he hit King. He was crossing in the middle of the block trying to avoid the traffic.

"It happened so fast too. He didn't even see it," says Ansari King, Jr.

His family hopes even though the driver didn't stop they will see this message and do the right thing.

"Turn yourself in right now. He had loved ones, he had friends, he had family and most of all look at his kids," says Maschica Lowe.