Family arrested in connection to baby's death

Posted at 10:37 PM, Jun 06, 2016

Milwaukee Police arrested several family members in connection to the death of an 11-month-old baby. The child died June 1, but police say they were told conflicting stories about what happened. Officers are investigating two different addresses in the city.

Neighbors were not sure what to think when they were told an 11-month-old baby died on their block.

"It hurts my heart," says Maurice Shirley.

But this block at 42nd and Capitol Drive is not where police came first last Wednesday.

They were originally called to 70th and Locust St. after someone reported a baby suffered a sudden death. Neighbors there say the grandparents of Mathias Freeman, the 11-month-old, lives there.

But no one answered when TODAY'S TMJ4 knocked on the front door Monday.

Police say the baby actually died at a home near 42nd and Capitol Drive. 

One neighbor, Mike, who did not want to show his face or give his last name said he lived next door to the child's mother. He talked to her at 6 a.m. the day after police say her son died.

"She was sitting on her porch on the rocking chair," says Mike. "I come out and she says, 'Morning Mike. I said morning.' I think that is kind of strange to  see her sitting there at that time of the morning."

Mike said she looked like nothing was wrong at all. She just sat rocking.

TODAY'S TMJ4 also knocked on her door. No one answered.

Neighbors say it's hard to think about not being able help a child in their community.

"It really breaks my heart cause that age of innocence. I don't know what to say," says Maurice Shirley, shaking his head.

Police say the baby's death is suspicious and they are still investigating.