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Family hopes driver involved in hit-and-run outside Fiserv Forum is caught

Posted at 6:37 PM, Nov 11, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-11 19:37:09-05

MILWAUKEE — Milwaukee Police have found the car involved in a hit-and-run Saturday outside Fiserv Forum. They continue to search for the driver, as a family of four recovers from their injuries.

Danielle Eager is anxiously waiting for police to find the driver the hurt her family.

“I want him to get caught because he almost killed my family,” Danielle said.

Saturday night, she, her husband, Tony, and their boys, five-year-old Dayton and eight-year-old Brayson made the drive from Hartford to Milwaukee to see “Jurassic World” at Fiserv Forum. They never made it inside.

“I just kind of saw these lights,” Tony said.

“This car came about 35, 40 miles an hour around the corner,” Danielle added.

A driver turned left on Juneau striking all four of them as they were crossing 6th street.

“I saw my wife and my youngest son on the hood, and I kind of jumped up right away yelling for him to stop,” Tony said.

The driver slowed down, causing Danielle and Dayton to roll off, leaving Dayton unconscious.

Dayton now has a large knot on his head and Danielle is bruised from head to toe.

Tony and Brayson are also complaining of pain.

However, they know it could have been much worse. Police told Danielle and Tony they saved their kids’ lives.

“We both kind of blocked our children from getting more of an impact,” Danielle said.

Alderman Michael Murphy of District 10 is leading the City-County Reckless Driving Task Force.

He hopes to immediately narrow city streets to reduce traffic and force drivers to slow down, as soon as possible, but many other recommendations remain on the table, and he wants the public to know that implementing them will take time.

“I wish I had a silver bullet and I could tell citizens we’re going to solve this problem tomorrow by doing a, b, and c, but that’s not realistic,” Murphy said.

Tony believes the driver was a man. If you have any information about the Saturday night’s incident, call Milwaukee police or click here to submit an anonymous tip.

You can also share your thoughts on reckless driving in the city at a listening session with the task force Tuesday at 6 p.m. at South Division High School.